Duggal Celebrates One Year Anniversary in Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25

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Duggal Celebrates One Year Anniversary in Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25

Duggal Visual Solutions proudly commemorates its first full year of being the only printing company in the world to have a certified LEED Gold production house. Since moving into Brooklyn Navy Yard BLDG 25 last May, we have managed to recycle more than 80 percent of all waste at the 100,000-square-foot facility and donate approximately $4,000 worth of paper, vinyl and fabric to Materials for the Arts, a New York City Department of Cultural Affairs charity that provides supplies for art programs at public schools, non-profits and social service agencies.


BLDG 25 was the nation’s first multi-level green industrial facility and the first building in New York to utilize mounted wind turbines when it was constructed in 2009. It won the Building Brooklyn National Grid Award for Energy Conservation that same year. Today, BLDG 25 is bustling with Duggal employees specializing in everything from visual consultancy and multimedia to custom fabrication, printing and installation. It is also home to the Duggal Innovation Lab.


A perfect complement to the nearby Duggal Greenhouse, BLDG 25 features solar panels, rainwater recycling systems, high-efficiency lighting fixtures, and living walls for natural ventilation. Even the bike racks are made from repurposed Navy Yard railroad tracks. Collectively, these environmentally friendly systems embody, exemplify and advance Duggal’s longstanding commitment to sustainability on both a local and global scale. We look forward to many more years and milestones here.


“BLDG 25 is where advanced printing technology meets forward-thinking sustainability, with an expert and inspired staff to lead the visual production industry into a bright future. This building symbolizes who we aspire to be as a company, and that’s nothing short of the best in the world.”

– Mike Duggal, CEO, Duggal Visual Solutions