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Duggal Holiday Windows

Duggal’s Holiday Window

Duggal’s holiday window showcases some of the amazing things Duggal can create. Almost everything in the window was made in house and installed by Duggal.


The three colored circles were router cut on ¼” acrylic with 100% white on the second surface and the matching pantone color on the first layer.

Doughnut Circles
The gold outer layer “doughnut” was cut from sheets of 60”x120” acrylic. Before the doughnuts were cut, a gold vinyl was face mounted to the acrylic

The words, Love, Peace and Happiness were cut out of ¼” mirror acyrlic.

The gold doughnuts were mounted to the colored circles with a spray adhesive, and lastly, the letters were mounted onto the colored circles with VHB tape.

The printed banner hanging behind the circles is a mesh banner printed on our Mesh Supreme material with 2” pole pockets at the top and bottom, for hanging.

The snowflakes hanging in the window and throughout the lobby were cut on ¼” clear acrylic plexi.

Cad Cut Sav
On the outside of the window there are about a dozen Cad Cut snowflakes, a “happy holidays”, and the Duggal logo. The snowflakes are Cad Cut SAV frosted crystal vinyl, the “happy holidays” is Cad Cut SAV red gloss, and the Duggal logo is Cad Cut SAV Forest Green.

The three large completed circles have two holes on either side with a wire going through, creating a U shape. The circles are hanging from two custom braces that were installed in the top of the window.

Finishing Touches
To finish it off, a bed of poly/cotton fill was laid down with glitter to resemble snow and lighting was placed strategically to highlight specific aspects of the window.

Come stop by to check out our holiday window and lobby!