Esko Kongsburg XP Cutter- Now even more options for your projects!

Curators’ Corner

Esko Kongsburg XP Cutter- Now even more options for your projects!

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our laser and router cutting department, the Esko Kongsburg XP. This three axis digital cutter, allows us to vastly expand out capabilities for both short and large run production jobs.

Jobs that would have previously involved several different machines have now been condensed into one single piece of equipment. The XP is a multi-head machine allowing us to cut, crease, score and mill in the same run, without a tool change. These capabilities allow us to make boxes and comps on demand without making a traditional die.

Here are just a few of the materials that we can use: corrugated cardboard, double wall corrugated cardboard, triple wall corrugated cardboard, foam (low, medium, and high density) MDF, MDO, wood, corrugated e flute, corrugated c flute, reboard, polypropylene, rubberized felt, dibond, acrylic, vinyl, foamcore, sintra, gator board, and museum board.

The XP not only movies twice as fast as anything else on the market, but also has a spindle speed of 60,000 RPM to ensure that going faster will never compromise the quality of the cut. The XP has a cutting area of 86” x 126” (with acceleration of 1.5G’s covering approximately 100 meter per minute.)

If you are interested in learning more about the machine see the link below produced by Esko or contact

(Images from the Krongsburg Website and Screen Grabs of YouTube Video)