Duggal Proves to be Rather Flexible with Custom Work

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Duggal Proves to be Rather Flexible with Custom Work

Popular Mechanic Magazine recently selected the “FlexyFrame Front Bumper Guard” for the 2012 Editor’s Choice Award in their “Best Car Tech of SEMA” (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) article. The product is a flexible rubber frame (thus the name) for front-mounted license plates that have exposed bolts, which protects not only your car, but also the car you might give a love-tap to while parallel parking. It’s a pretty ingenious idea which mitigates the damage you can do to your car and those around you, reducing the potential for insurance hiking claims from minor fender benders. Duggal had a hand in bringing the concept to life by custom etching the lettering into the rubber plates as well as sourcing a uniquely flexible ink that could bend and give without cracking or flaking from impact.

We were happy to be a part of an exceptional idea by facilitating a new and unique vision with our custom services.

Take a look at the product here:

FlexyFrame in Popular Mechanic