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How to Own a Holiday: Reliving Bacardi’s ‘Nocturnal Awakening’ at the Duggal Greenhouse

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How to Own a Holiday: Reliving Bacardi’s ‘Nocturnal Awakening’ at the Duggal Greenhouse

Great holiday advertising is more than a commercial, billboard or series of email blasts. When a brand goes above and beyond the default, it becomes a symbol of the holiday itself.

Bacardi Greenhouse

With a bat for a logo and a Gothic font wordmark, the Bacardi brand has a natural advantage come Halloween. But in 2016, the global spirits company–which has grown from rum maker to a portfolio of 200 holdings including Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Dewar’s–took its Halloween advertising to new heights at the Duggal Greenhouse.

Bacardi Greenhouse Sign

With the help of brand experience maven, Kenzo Digital, Bacardi turned Duggal Visual Solutions’ Brooklyn Navy Yard events venue into one of New York City’s most exclusive and immersive haunted houses on the Saturday of Halloween weekend. “Nocturnal Awakening” drew roughly 900 invitees who came clad in costumes to party in what International Business Times described as a “chilling” and “mind-bending” installation. Celebrity attendees included Emily Ratajkowski, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and Mark Ronson.

Bacardi Greenhouse Illuminated

“I’ve always wanted to do my own rendition of a haunted house and use some of the technologies from my past projects to essentially integrate them to create extreme tension and suspense from technology—but completely outside of the language or the tropes of a regular haunted house,” Digital told Adweek. “There’s no axe-man or blood or anything like that. I wanted to make something that was more along the lines of a Black Mirror or Suspiria.”

bacardi greenhouse back

Duggal produced much of the imagery at the event, including wall graphics, signage, and a centerpiece light box. Kenzo Digital said Bacardi wants “to own Halloween”–we’d say they accomplished that goal in dramatic fashion.

bacardi greenhouse interior