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How Far IBM Watson Has Come

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How Far IBM Watson Has Come

It has been roughly five years since Watson, IBM’s supercomputer combining artificial intelligence and analytics to answer questions, went commercial. Today, IBM Watson is assisting with everything from cancer imaging to fantasy football to travel booking. But before Watson became an integral part of our world, it made its name at the Duggal Greenhouse.

Early Acclaim

In 2011, IBM Watson defeated human contestants on Jeopardy. The computer then began working with 14 U.S. cancer centers to develop personalized cancer treatments based on patients’ genetics. It also published a 231-page cookbook with the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

‘World of Watson’ at Duggal’s Brooklyn Venue

IBM saw the Duggal Greenhouse as a chance to introduce the ‘World of Watson.’ The software giant hosted thought leaders from 26 industries across 32 countries at the Brooklyn venue for an interactive forum on our future with Watson. Keynote speakers shared their experiences employing IBM’s groundbreaking technology, while developers and creative geniuses camped out and competed for $25,000 in prizes as part of the first-ever Watson Hackathon.

Approximately 800 guests were taken by ferry to and from the IBM conference, which included product rollouts, local food trucks and an outdoor cyber lounge. Duggal Visual Solutions produced and installed a 50-foot digital screen, framed canvas walls, 15-foot banners, vinyl graphics and signage for the event. To learn more about the Duggal Greenhouse, visit

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