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Interior Design Solutions: Custom Wallpaper

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Interior Design Solutions: Custom Wallpaper

One of the myriad of daunting first-world problems we face as both fashion forward urbanites and suburban daffodils is, “what to do with that room”, or even more specifically, “what do I do with that wall?”

Interior design is no simple task. It requires a tactful eye and the vision to see separate elements as a whole before you start moving furniture around and painting swatches on walls. While you do have a seemingly infinite set of possibilities for any given room, there is usually at least one thing you really want to either focus on in that room (like a piece of furniture) or a special item you want to put in it (like a photo or painting). And that’s a great start, but it also narrows you possibilities quite a bit. The question often starts to be, “how much is too much or too little?” A great way to add a design element to a room that can be both dynamic and unobtrusive is via an accent wall.

Accent walls can be as simple as a solid, painted color, or as textured and dynamic as exposed brick. But the line between boring and slow-your-roll busy can be finer that one would think. And the difficulty of straddling that fine line only gets amplified by the fact that there are few ready made, perfect solutions for that accent wall that can fit in your very specific room. Sometimes there just aren’t any at all.

What you might need is an image on that wall or even a unique pattern that is suggested by another unique element in the room. When that ends up being the perfect solution to your space, be it a bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even a lobby or retail space, what you really need is custom printed wallpaper.

With custom printed wallpaper you can decide the precise solution for your design needs. And there are no limits to the creative possibilities when using a custom print. That custom design or image can be printed on any number of textured papers and substrates in order to elicit the exact effect you’re looking for.

We at Duggal offer the absolute highest quality custom printed wallpaper using the latest technology possible in order to provide an elite environmental experience, no matter what kind of room you’re papering.