International Art Scene: Henry Grossman Photos at Spiral Gallery in Tokyo

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International Art Scene: Henry Grossman Photos at Spiral Gallery in Tokyo

Beatles fans around the world are familiar with the images captured by Henry Grossman, whose subjects cross the gamut of the celebrity and culture scene of the 1960s.  For those in or near Tokyo this weekend, Grossman’s exhibit at Spiral building gallery is a must-see before the images go on a Japan tour.

The Duggal team, led by Hope Savvides, is proud to produce Henry Grossman’s iconic images for museums, galleries and tours worldwide.

© Henry Grossman


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  1. He was demanding, eaintxcg, unrelenting, and blunt. In the beginning i though who the heck is this asshole?! but over time, i understood what he was doing. Eli got to the core of your creative soul and challenged it to fly forth. He inspired us to find the magic and transcendence in all things beautiful, but to ALWAYS think of the WHY. it was only then that you can say why not? and become a bold thinker rooted in the discipline of design. He knew the gift of design is a calling, and that you can never stop evolving as a designer. He was one of the greatest teachers i ever had, and i still remember all the things he taught. ive had many a quote from him, but one that always made me laugh was during wall crits. if he didnt think you put your heart and soul into something he would say simply GET THAT SHIT OFF THE WALL! one of my senior projects was essentially an homage to him and the design process. i remember when i graduated, Eli was the first to arrive and the last to leave the ceremony and gave us all a rope to hold onto, so that we all understood that we were bound by this calling, and to see him cry and hug us as we left made me truly understand the why for him as well. i’m glad to see that students still learn to see from Eli Kince.

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