Jesse Newman – REBIRTH of GAEA


Jesse Newman – REBIRTH of GAEA

Jesse Newman is a New York-based artist who built his career as a visual effects artist on movies, commercials, and network rebranding. Duggal sales rep, Hope Soto has worked with Newman to produce some of his work. His latest piece, REBIRTH of GAEA, is a visual tapestry that interweaves reflections on the environment and spirituality with imagery of Greek Mythology. He was recently named one of the Top 50 Emerging Artists (worldwide) and was featured in RESOURCE Magazine with a 4 page pull out.

Artists Statement:

For many years, I have worked as a visual effects artist on films, music videos, and commercials. This career path has not only allowed me to collaborate with fantastically-gifted colleagues, but it has given me access to the most advanced tools available to an artist in the modern era.

Before I began my professional career, however, while still in college I became a father – and since that moment, being present for my daughter Emma and expressing my love for her has been my first priority. I have moved several times, twice across country with no job prospects, to stay by her side and ensure I would not miss a weekend with her. My desire to create artwork for Emma, and my career path as a visual effects artist have proven to be incredibly mutually beneficial, each one greatly enhancing the other.

I aim to create art that is intrinsically beautiful (where it can be appreciated without knowing the back story), future-proof (in terms of both craftsmanship and aesthetic timelessness), and layered with meaning. Several years ago I started a project to show my support for Emma’s interest in the Environment and in Greek Mythology, depicting her as GAEA, Goddess of Earth. Immersing myself in Greek Mythology opened my eyes to a seemingly endless supply of wonderfully vivid inspiration. Since the project started, my wife and I have welcomed two more beautiful children, who seemed to perfectly represent other aspects of the piece. My son Andrés as EROS, The God of Love. My little girl Soledad, INNOCENCE.

As the scope of the project grew, I recognized it as a unique opportunity to reach my full artistic potential. What began to emerge was this hyper-real tapestry of layers delicately interwoven with meaning derived from both ancient narratives and personal experience. The moments of bliss I encountered while creating my art resonated so beautifully within me, and I became captivated by the piece, spellbound.

Ultimately, I have decided to walk away from a successful career as a visual effects artist to pursue a life much more in sync with my passions, both through the inherent enjoyment in creating art, as well as the satisfaction of knowing these expressions for my wife and children will allow my love for them to echo long after I am gone.

To learn more about Jesse Newman and REBIRTH of GAEACLICK HERE 

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Jesse Newman (right) with Duggal’s Hope Soto (left)