Juicy Couture: Fifth Avenue Fabulous

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Juicy Couture: Fifth Avenue Fabulous

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Juicy Couture was destined for popular demand the minute Madonna stepped outside in a custom, trend-setting “Madge” velour tracksuit in 2001. “Made in the Glamorous U.S.A.,” Juicy sets the standard for a bold, contemporary and fashionable lifestyle.

Duggal’s Garry Yane consulted with Juicy Couture’s Erin Isaac for the production and installation of 16×22-foot window displays at Juicy’s flagship NYC store on 5th Ave.  Lightweight, reusable frames with custom gold edges complement the store design and fixtures while allowing seamless graphics swaps.  Also, due to the ease with which they can be broken down, the frames can be stored on-site or – in the case of event companies – easily transported from venue to venue.

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