Katherine Liepe-Levinson: Visual Presentation and the Sacredness of Water

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Katherine Liepe-Levinson: Visual Presentation and the Sacredness of Water

Images of water, from Katherine Liepe-Levinson’s Earth/Water series fittingly open the summer season in the Hamptons at The White Room Gallery’s group show, More Than Meets the Eye. An award-winning fine art photographer, Liepe-Levinson offers an abstract sensory experience of the serene beauty of water, enhanced by a unique and highly detailed printing process completed at Duggal Visual Solutions.

The work on view features a set of photographs capturing water reflections from various natural water sources in New York state, including Hamptons beaches, the Quogue Wildlife Refuge and the Hudson River among others.

Wind patterns on water, foliage reflections, and natural light are amplified through the printing of Liepe-Levinson’s images on clear Plexiglass. Precise percentages of UV ink in both color and white were tested over one month in order to create a perfect mix of color vibrancy and luminosity.

The 10 circular shaped works on view, presented in several formats – sculpture, wall hangings, tables and stands – were cut at Duggal’s Brooklyn outpost in diameters ranging from 10 inches to 24 inches. Working with Duggal visual consultant, Hope Savvides, Liepe-Levinson was able to choose a printing process that could capture both a visual and philosophical aesthetic; the Earth/Water series is also made in conversation with feng shui philosophy and a deep appreciation for natural resources.

This is the third exhibition Savvides has worked on with Liepe-Levinson, offering thoughtfully considered printing and production expertise since 2015. More Than Meets the Eye is on view through July 9, 2017.