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Landscape Photography Contest: Winners Announced


Landscape Photography Contest: Winners Announced

We want to thank you all for your spectacular work and effort in the Duggal Landscape Photography Contest. The overwhelming number of incredible images made our decision very difficult!

We have chosen 1 grand prize winner and 5 runner ups for Landscape Photography. And the grand prize winner is…

Title: Force of Nature

© Carol Lahnum

Deep under the Mendenhall Glacier a river of water runs through. 97 feet above the ice is a Moulin and this is at the bottom.

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  The 5 runner-up winners (in no particular order):

– Cesar Torres

– Paul Porter

– George Grubb

– Howard Snyder

– Andrei Reinol

Title: Magic Place

© Cesar Torres

The north of Portugal is rich in beautiful landscape, natural beaches, almost unreal sceneries, the beauty of nature in the rough.

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Title: Vancity From the Banks

© Paul Porter

Walking along the Spanish Banks just outside of the city of Vancouver in the rain, I spotted this twisted, washed up piece of driftwood. I found that, from a contorted angle, I could see the cityscape of Vancouver through the twist in the wood. This would give me a viewpoint that no other would have seen before. I had my flash on to highlight the details in the driftwood and to give the city the dramatic effect that the clouds and rain above were offering. At first, I did not want the tanker in the shot, but now I see it as an added bonus.

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Title: The Forest in Yellowstone

© George Grubb

This image was captured by shaking the camera vertically while the shutter was opened for 1/20th of a second, at an f/22 aperture, ISO 200, at an 82mm focal length. The exposure program was set to manual, on a Canon EOS 5D-Markill, with an EF24-105mm lens. The image was taken on Jan 17, 2013 in Yellowstone National Park.

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Title: Second Beach Twilight

© Howard Snyder

A few minutes after sunset in the Olympic Peninsula, in Second Beach, WA.

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Title: Another World

© Andrei Reinol

It was the coldest morning this winter. Temperature was below -30 degrees celcius. Steaming sea, sunrise and this beautiful light offered some unbelievable views. Standing on those big bodies of ice, I had a feeling as it I was in an unknown land, in another world.

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Congratulations again to everyone on a fantastic contest!


Thank you for sharing your creative vision with us.

We hope you’ll continue to do so in our Portrait Photography Contest.