Lifting Spirits at Manhattan’s VA Medical Center


Lifting Spirits at Manhattan’s VA Medical Center

When Jerid O’Connell, VP of Duggal Creative Services, visited a loved one at the Manhattan VA Medical Center in NYC, he couldn’t help but want to create a more comforting atmosphere for our veterans. With the sole intention of lifting patients’ spirits, O’Connell, a board member of the Duggal Big Picture Foundation, brought in fellow Duggal colleagues to enrich the Manhattan Campus of the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System with photographic imagery representing the pride, freedom and joy of America.

Midway through the project, Superstorm Sandy ravaged the NYC area and sent the nearby East River plowing through the hospital. All patients were safely evacuated and relocated, but the storm destroyed more than 150,000 square feet of the facility including the entire VA system’s largest supply of prosthetics. Without power, the VA Medical Center was desperate for alternate communication. The instant Duggal’s facility regained power, directional signs for the hospital’s exterior were in production and being rushed by our team for immediate installation.

The Manhattan VA Medical Center is recovering, and Duggal Visual Solutions is excited to help welcome patients back with a wall gallery of photographs that illustrate a renewed quality of life gained by prosthetic surgery. All veterans in the photos were New York Harbor Healthcare System patients.

Duggal is proud of our relationship with the VA Medical Center, and we look forward to continuing our visual contribution to its facility, veterans and dedicated staff.

All images below courtesy of the VA Medical Center in NYC: For more information please visit them at or