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LUMIPIXELS™ Create a Memorable M&M’s Storefront at Disney Springs

DVS Project

LUMIPIXELS™ Create a Memorable M&M’s Storefront at Disney Springs

M&M’s made a bright and colorful entrance at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando with the opening of the M&M’s store at Disney Springs.

Building on the immersive brand experience of M&M’s stores in world-class shopping destinations, M&M’s at Disney Springs invites customers to a sweet feast for the eyes—starting with the storefront.

The Duggal Inno Lab engineered a custom dynamic selfie wall spanning 11 feet tall and over 16 feet wide to establish the M&M’s store as an instantly recognizable visual presence within Disney World, perennially one of the most visited attractions in the U.S. The entire façade is built on the Inno Lab’s LUMIPIXELS™ animated lightbox solution, encompassing nine custom power supplies, 450 sub-controllers, over 440 tiles, and more than 107,000 LEDs. It is the largest LUMIPIXELS™ installation to date and an integral part of M&M’s brand identity at Disney.


Using the newest 12mm color LUMIPIXELS™ tile, the programmable exterior allows for easy, remote, digital content updates. Between being an established graphics partner to M&M’s stores and having a team of professional installers across the country, the Duggal team can swap out the Orlando display’s skin and animations on-site and on-demand.

Learn more about LUMIPIXELS at and read the full M&M’s Disney Springs press release on PR Newswire.