Marco Giannavola – Film in the Digital Age

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Marco Giannavola – Film in the Digital Age

Marco Giannavola is a portrait and fashion photographer based out of New York.  A traveler at heart, his experiences shooting in rural New England, New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles have helped him develop a unique cinematic portrait style that fuses classic beauty with raw cinematic landscapes.

In this digital age, Marco is among those photographers still shooting film, which was the topic of his recent guest lecture at Adorama, a 30-year mainstay in the NYC photography scene.

Marco Giannavola Adorama Lecture

Marco prefers film to digital and is a firm believer that truly capturing the feeling and emotion of the moment requires one to slow down and shoot with intent.  Also, from film one can capture the fullest depth of quality the image will allow through scanning technology.

Marco Giannavola Photography

Giannavola knows the importance of having a true partner to entrust in realizing the images he captures, both in the film processing and scanning.  Duggal’s Brian Renaldo has worked closely with Giannavola for years as a seasoned professional who sees hundreds of rolls of professional footage each week.  Renaldo is available to share his expertise and insight with anyone who walks into our flagship retail shop at 29 West 23rd Street.

Marco Giannavola Adorama Lecture Brian Renaldo Video

At Duggal, the relationships we build with artists and photographers are very special.  We are proud to be Marco’s preferred photographic lab and scanning provider and are happy to offer our services to those who also believe in Film in the Digital Age.

Duggal’s Brian Renaldo on the future of film at Duggal Visual Solutions: