Marlborough Broome Street Opens with ‘PIZZA TIME!’

Curators’ Corner

Marlborough Broome Street Opens with ‘PIZZA TIME!’

Marlborough Broome Street’s inaugural exhibition is delicious.

It’s PIZZA TIME! – ALL CAPS WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT! – at the brand new Lower East Side gallery, where 25 artworks inspired by New York’s favorite food are now on display.

The quirky show opened with an actual pizza party to celebrate the celebration of pizza. There was pizza everywhere.

“Sharing a pizza is a metaphor for community and getting together,” Marlborough associate director Vera Neykov told ARTnews.

Highlights of PIZZA TIME! feature pizza as a centerpiece, lounge chair, flying saucer, piñata and plate for smaller pizzas.

331 Broome Street, NYC, through October 6 – Dig in.

Catherine Ahearn, Untitled (pizza 3), 2011, mixed media.

Michelle Devereux, Caveman on Pizza, 2012, colored pencil and airbrush on paper.

Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Pizza Dog 5, 2013, papier-mâché.

Drew Heitzler, Big Pizza Hut Wonder Woman #1, 2012, light-jet print.