Meet Joey Falsetta: Photographer, Director, and Duggal Global Shop Featured Artist

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Meet Joey Falsetta: Photographer, Director, and Duggal Global Shop Featured Artist

Born and raised in New York City, Joey Falsetta creates images that reflect his raw New York personality and genuine sincerity –rarities in today’s photography.

Falsetta’s studio, “Shangri-La” is an industrial Brooklyn warehouse designed to inspire and spark creativity. It is the perfect complement to his refined yet fearless style, and has become a legendary location for many in the film and fashion industry.

Joey Falsetta JF F

Duggal’s Faith Young has been working directly with Falsetta ever since the two met at the opening party for the Duggal Greenhouse in 2012.

“I choose Duggal because everyone there treats me like family – Faith, Hardy, JR, Barbara, even Mr. Duggal himself,” Falsetta says. “Plus, their film developing and large format prints are second to none.”

We have been continuously impressed by Falsetta’s work and energy, so much so that we featured three of his images at our Global Shop 2016 booth in Las Vegas. Here’s a little background on each image seen at Global Shop, from Joey himself:

Joey Falsetta Catherine 010 DUGGAL

“This image is one of my favorite photographs taken from my Hollywood series a few years back. It marked a turning point in my career. It’s special to me because it was the first time I met and worked with Kirsten Bode, my favorite hair artist who has been my girlfriend ever since. It was also the first time I worked with model Catherine Torres. She cannot take a bad picture – perfect in every way.” (Shot on Hasselblad 500C / T-Max)

Joey Falsetta Olga B&W 04 Duggal

“This is another favorite from my Hollywood series. I was lucky to have such a beauty to photograph. Olga Polienko is one of my favorite models. It was hard to decide which frame on the negatives to use because they were all so beautiful. Kirsten Bode was the hair stylist on this one, too.” (Shot on Hasselblad 500C / T-Max)

Joey Falsetta 01 Tommygun Duggal

“This was from an editorial story I submitted late. The publication liked it so much they decided to drop the cover already going to print and use my image instead. I photographed Catherine Torres once again, wearing a wig for disguise. That is a real Tommy gun in her hands, and those are real bullet holes in the mirror.” (Shot on Hasselblad 500C / Velvia)

It’s always cool to hear the story behind an image. We thank Joey for his support and willingness to sit down and chat with us. To see more of his work, visit his website, and follow him on Instagram at @joeyfalsetta. Also keep an eye out for an upcoming gallery exhibit TBA, and a fashion film starring model Ashley Smith currently in pre-production.