Meet Photographer Dog Tula

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Meet Photographer Dog Tula

Everyone knows that dogs make great main acts (Air Bud, anyone?). While the endless feed of doggie photos on the Internet and social media never ceases to entertain, what about Fido’s perspective?

Enter a 4-year-old rescue dog in Minneapolis named Tula, who quite frankly has “an eye” for photography. With the support of the Kixmoeller family, who rescued Tula through Second Chance Animal Rescue, the chocolate lab-mix is happy and free to run around in the park, all while capturing priceless action shots of her puppy playmates playing fetch, going for a swim, and having a ball.

Dog Tula [IMAGE2]-TULA

“I’ve always loved photography and I’ve always loved dogs,” 17-year-old Susie Kixmoeller told The Washington Post, which noted that Tula’s coverage now spans from local media like the Minneapolis StarTribune to publications overseas including The Telegraph. “So when we started taking Tula to the dog park about a year ago, I’d go along and I’d see how interesting the interactions between the dogs are, like how they play together and all that stuff.”

The only problem was, whenever Susie approached them to capture their playful exchanges, the dogs would pause, distracted by the awkward human snapping photos.

Dog Tula [IMAGE1]-TULA

“If I get close enough to actually capture it well, they’re going to stop playing and they’re going to look at me because I’m too close to them,” she explained.

But then came her epiphany: What if Tula could be the photographer? And so it began: her four-legged pup was fitted with a GoPro capable of taking otherwise impossible shots of pups doing pup things.

Dog Tula [IMAGE3]-TULA

“One of the reasons that she takes photos well, we think, is that she doesn’t really love the rough-and-tumble play,” said Susie’s dad, Ken. “She likes to play with puppies, and the way puppies do, she sits and watches them.”

Turns out Tula is actually a pretty great photographer, too. Her Instagram (managed by the Kixmoellers, of course) has amassed nearly 14,000 followers after the family originally gained traction by posting her photos on BuzzFeed. Tula’s popularity has since grown, and now fans can follow her adventures through Facebook and Twitter.

Dog Tula [IMAGE4]-TULA

We absolutely adore the creative concept behind Tula’s action-packed Instagram account. Meanwhile, we would be remiss to let other dog-inspired Instagram accounts go unnoticed. Our favorites include Andrew Knapp, whose expressive border collie never fails to melt hearts, and the clan of pugdashians, whose innocence far exceeds that of their celebrity-inspired counterparts.