A Perfect Gift for the Everyday Texting Couple

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A Perfect Gift for the Everyday Texting Couple

Being in a relationship is very fulfilling, but continually finding the perfect gift for your partner is indeed a challenge.

There are times that call for jewelry – that’s easy. Other times call for a device or gadget – even easier, possibly the easiest. And then there are times that call for something sentimental – that’s when you have to get creative, and that’s where we come in.

Last week, a lovely young lady stopped by with an overwhelmingly sweet gift idea. She had managed to save all – as in not one missing – of the text messages between her and her boyfriend. She exported the text messages to several PDF files and wanted to create a book.

The end result? A beautiful 6” by 8” 4-volume set of more than 500 pages of text messages encased in a custom plexi box. Timeless memories by Duggal – Feel free to join us in a collective, “Aww” at her gift pictured below, and stop by or give us a call anytime to bring your custom gift ideas to life.