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Moncler 2015 at the Duggal Greenhouse – Sealed With A Kiss

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Moncler 2015 at the Duggal Greenhouse – Sealed With A Kiss

Onboard the ferry ride to the Moncler fashion show at the Duggal Greenhouse, guests sipped champagne in anticipation of what was surely going to be another Moncler spectacular. The 2015 Valentine’s Day show, “Love Factory” was literally like opening a big box of chocolates.

Moncler Brian Panorama Greenhouse

An enormous heart-shaped chocolate box awaited guests at what was more of a Valentine’s Day fashion love fest than fashion show. The Supreme’s “Baby Love” and other nostalgic love tunes played, the lid of the chocolate box elevated to the ceiling and 25 couples hydraulically lifted out of the box…dazzling.

Moncler Valentines Greenhouse ShowMoncler Fashion Show at Duggal Greenhouse

Each couple was decked out in Moncler’s luxurious outerwear representing 25 different sports. A bride and a groom in puffer dress and tuxedo ended the show, along with fellow models, all paired off as couples, embracing and kissing. Celebrating Moncler’s unique outerwear and passion, the show was a Valentine’s Day extravaganza.

Moncler Greenhouse Shots   Moncler Greenhouse Fashion Show   Momncler Fashion Show

Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Duggal Greenhouse is an exceptional choice for fashion shows and other live events. It is perfectly situated, expertly managed, and ready to host your most important event. Guests may arrive by ground transportation or yacht and dock just steps from the Duggal Greenhouse and its private waterfront patio.