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Nothing Says “Fun” Like Mounting a GoPro to a Sword and Cutting a Watermelon

Curators’ Corner

Nothing Says “Fun” Like Mounting a GoPro to a Sword and Cutting a Watermelon

YouTube has created not only a digital outlet for creation and expression, but also an industry for frequent users of the video-sharing website who are known as “YouTubers.” Corridor Digital is a team of said YouTubers, aka video creators, in California that started in the apartment of Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and has since amassed a worldwide following of 4.6 million YouTube subscribers notching over 600 million video views.

The team likes to “dream up sci-fi, action, and video-game inspired YouTube videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX and movie-like cinematography,” as shared on Patreon. A recent video features a GoPro mounted to a sword cutting through melons in slow motion, resulting in a total feast for the eyes.

The video highlights the trial and error process in making a slow motion video, particularly the various obstacles of getting the right shot. The team combats lighting issues and camera settings along with MacGyvering a GoPro mount that will stay on a sword.

“You can’t just tape a camera down on one end of the blade and hope for the best, because the shot will look wacky,” Gizmodo reported. “The sword moves too fast so it’s all blurry, the camera angle is capturing the wrong thing, and everything is bad.”

The final product, though, captures multiple, mesmerizing slow motion action shots of a katana slicing swiftly through large fruits, complete with the glory of a watermelon bursting across a rooftop deck. The complete and utter satisfaction of the shots will have you wishing for summer and watermelon slushies. However, the video does leave one thing to question: What in the world will these YouTubers come up with next?