NYC H2O Field Maps – Taking the Learning Outside

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NYC H2O Field Maps – Taking the Learning Outside


Often considered the cultural and financial capital of the world, New York City is also one of the most complex global cities when it comes to the ever-so-precious natural resource…water.

No one understands this more than Matt Malina, Founder & Director of NYC H2O.  Seeing a need to bring education to schools and the general public, Matt built a non-profit dedicated to increasing the understanding of New York City water systems and the water cycle in the urban environment.

A NYC H2O tour is about being in the field, walking and biking the reservoirs, sewers, rivers and aqueducts that make up the expansive network. Matt connected with Duggal Service Consultant, Jim Braden to develop a solution to help kids understand its size and complexity.  They decided a large di-substrate durable fabric map would do the trick. Not only would it be extremely portable and resistant to wear and tear, but it would give kids the ability to visually understand and hold the waterways while tour guides highlighted how they system works.

Duggal is proud to provide innovative solutions for organizations such as  NYC H2O, and in so doing, further our commitment to sustainability to both our local and global communities. For more of our recent work in the realm of sustainability, visit the link below:

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