On the Open Roads with Batman

Curators’ Corner

On the Open Roads with Batman

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Batman hit the open highways of Texas for a photo shoot with French photographer Rémi Noël.

“I feel tiny,” the figurine and Lonely Batman star said (not really).

Noël’s series is a nostalgic and humorous take on fictional heroism. The photographer drew influence from his fascination with the “timeless America” image glorified by Jack Kerouac, Edward Hopper and Robert Frank.

Seriously, though, what’s up with carrying a Batman doll around?

“It’s a toy that I stole from my son one day when I was cleaning his room”, Noël said. “Since I go to the United States by myself, I take Batman with me to feel less alone. And I take him out – I set him up in scenarios.”

Fair enough. Fun stuff from Rémi Noël. We love how he went black-and-white with a purpose and created an Old Western feeling of aloneness.

All images © Rémi Noël