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PDN Gives the Scoop on Duggal’s HD C-Prints

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PDN Gives the Scoop on Duggal’s HD C-Prints

HD C-Prints are becoming the crown jewels of photographic printing. Produced on a Polielettronica printer that was originally used by the U.S. military for printing high-resolution surveillance footage, HD C-prints supercharge the lost art of chromogenic printing with an apparent 6,100 dpi. That’s twice the resolution of standard C-prints, and (according to Polielettronica) sharp enough for land surveyors to count trees in aerial images.

We recently brought Photo District News in for a sample run. Click here to read the PDN article and learn about Duggal’s trailblazing investment in true continuous tone photo printing.

To SEE THE DETAIL YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING for yourself, check out the video below.