Perception of Warhol and Rembrandt Explored in Andrew Lucia: ‘Portraits’

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Perception of Warhol and Rembrandt Explored in Andrew Lucia: ‘Portraits’

At what point does the reordered structure of an iconic image disconnect our brain’s ability to recognize it? Such exploration has guided designer, architect, researcher & artist Andrew Lucia, in his current show Portraits at the Cornell University AAP’s John Hartell Gallery.

Portraits is a selection of moments captured in time as world renown art re-evaluates itself and its qualities in relationship to those in its surroundings. The rational of each pixel is a custom algorithm separating the image evolution from Lucia’s control.

As time passes each iconic image slowly dissipates until a point is reached, at which time the structure of the image is no longer recognizable. However, the original image can still be recalled, questioning not what it is we see, but rather how what we see is ordered.

Andrew Lucia: Portraits was produced in consultation with art production expert Hope Savvides of Duggal on 7 ft. by 23 ft. eco backlit canvases, bringing the visual study to the gallery setting for guests to contemplate and enjoy.