Peter Turnley’s ‘Moments of the Human Condition’ in Havana

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Peter Turnley’s ‘Moments of the Human Condition’ in Havana

Duggal congratulates our good friend, Peter Turnley on becoming the first American photographer since the Cuban Revolution to earn a solo exhibition in Havana’s Museum of Fine Arts.

‘Moments of the Human Condition’ is a visual retrospective of Peter’s storied career featuring 130 photographs spanning 40 years across more than 90 countries. The collection pays a special tribute to his countless visits and deep photographic connection to Cuba.

Peter Turnley Girl Looks Out Truck Window

“The photographs that I have taken in Cuba during the last 30 years are a reflection of what I have seen and felt when I walk around Havana and Cuba,” Peter told OnCuba. “The thing that impressed me the most is the power of the Cuban spirit, which seems in essence elegant, happy, vibrant, persevering, and full of hope and determination, always with an idea of the future.”

Duggal had the honor of printing 70 color images and 10 black and white “digital silver” images for Peter’s history-making exhibit, the latter of which he was particularly impressed with.

“After having the good fortune over the past 20 years of having my traditional black and white photographs printed by a master printer in Paris who printed for Henri Cartier-Bresson, I recently began coming to Duggal for their digital silver prints,” Peter says. “They are absolutely wonderful, both for collectors and photographers who value true, quality prints.”

Peter works with several Duggal consultants, and enjoys the collaborative atmosphere.

“Hat’s off to Ken Bledsoe and the Digital C department, Adam Caballero and the packing department, Tim Perkins, and the entire Duggal team,” Peter says. “I especially enjoy my working relationship with J.R. Martin, who always helps me find the right solutions.”

We understand that Cuba is a long commute for some New Yorkers. Luckily, you can still experience the island nation’s beautiful scenery and culture with Peter’s book: ‘Cuba – A Grace of Spirit’. We have also included a few of our favorite images from ‘Moments of the Human Condition’ below.

PeterTurnley MomentsOfTheHumanCondition6 PeterTurnley MomentsOfTheHumanCondition2

9_PeterTurnley_MomentsOfTheHumanCondition3  Cuba

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