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Phillipsburg Primary School’s Hallway Gets A Sensory Update

DVS Project

Phillipsburg Primary School’s Hallway Gets A Sensory Update

Phillipsburg Primary School commissioned Duggal Visual Solutions to transform one of their hallways into an interactive“sensory” area that instructs students to hop, squat, reach, spin and crawl. Its colorful pathway is decorated with images of planets, animals, and childhood fantasy imagery. In an effort to re-center student’s focus when they seem distracted during class, they can follow the pathway as directed by a teacher.

Sometimes kids just need to get rid of their excess energy, making it through an entire school day without enough opportunities to do so can leave kids antsy and unable to concentrate.  A “sensory” hallway to give students another outlet to move throughout the day, outside of gym class and recess.

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Designing “Sensory Paths” that utilize a series of physical movements to decrease behaviors while increasing cognition for this New Jersey elementary school’s student body has been a very meaningful and rewarding project for Duggal.

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