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Photography Tip: Basic Shooting Tips

Techniques/ Tips

Photography Tip: Basic Shooting Tips

Basic Photography Tips

1)   Simplify your photo. The more simplified your photo is, the better the viewers eye is drawn to the subject.

2)   Get in close. Think about what you want to emphasize in your photograph, and get close, until the only thing in the viewfinder is the subject. Try shooting in macro mode, or the mode with a flower symbol, for a better effect. This type of photography is perfect for flowers, fruit, and other intricate objects.

3)   Look for lines. Lines help the viewers eye move across and through the image. Paths, roads, train tracks, fences, streams, and shadows are good examples of lines that help move the viewer through the scene.

4)   Find a frame. Find natural frames such as an archway or branch to add impact and depth to your photograph. Frames help to cover up some of the less interesting aspects of a photograph such as the sky.

Macro shot of a flower

The train track lines help give this image depth

The archway of flowers creates a natural frame in this image

These are just a few of Duggal’s suggestions and ideas to aid you in exploring the world of photography. There are many ways to approach photography and countless ways to capture the image you want.  Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and comments.

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