Polaroid ‘Socialmatic’ Camera To Be Released in Fall

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Polaroid ‘Socialmatic’ Camera To Be Released in Fall

Social media and photography continue to sizzle together, soon in a new-age Polaroid camera made specifically for instant digital photo sharing.

Polaroid has announced a Fall 2014 release for Socialmatic, the physical product of an Instagram concept camera that circulated the web back in May 2012. After the idea picked up momentum, Polaroid eventually stepped to the plate and jumped through the legal hoops for branding.

The camera, which looks almost exactly like the Instagram logo, will be Android-based with a 4.5” touchscreen, built in Wi-Fi, a 14-megapixel front sensor and 2-megapixel back. Not only will it connect to your favorite social media apps, it will also print ink-free 2” by 3” photos on the fly.

“The Polaroid Socialmatic camera has the appeal of classic Polaroid cameras paired with today’s technology, bringing the nostalgia of photo sharing to a whole new level,” Polaroid says.

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