‘Poolside, Mediterranean’

Curators’ Corner

‘Poolside, Mediterranean’

Gray Malin could very well be the poster boy for Wanderlust.

His Instagram bio alone says it all: “I’m a fine-art photographer on a mission to make every day your deserved getaway.”

Malin’s life often appears as one giant summer vacation, and his latest series, Poolside, Mediterranean, is exceedingly summery. It’s a rendition of the vintage allure in a Mediterranean getaway, for which Malin designed and arranged 1,000 inner tubes at Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa in Spain. Take a look:

Poolside, Mediterranean Poolside, Mediterranean Orange Life Savers Poolside, Mediterranean Red Life Savers Poolside, Mediterranean Mixed Blue and Orange Life Savers

The images are in the same vein as his 2013 series, À la Plage, which offers a bird’s eye view of famous beaches across six continents. But this time the exhilaration of hanging out of helicopters above the open ocean gives way to relaxation and pure bliss.

With neon hues, perfect patterns and an occasional sunbather, Poolside, Mediterranean is a portal to wherever you want to be this summer. Seriously, if you stare at the images for a few seconds, they’ll all but take you there.

From a marketing perspective, the travel-obsessed Malin has struck gold. His website is gorgeous, and he actually had a full-on partnership with Le Meridien that included a #FollowGrayContest encouraging travelers to post their adventures and enter for a free Le Meridien getaway.

Check out the promo video below, and click here to see more of Poolside, Mediterranean.

All images © Gray Malin