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Product Spotlight: Lightboxes


Product Spotlight: Lightboxes

Energy-efficient LED lightboxes have become increasingly popular, thanks to their combination of eye-catching graphics, alluring light and long-term sustainability. At Duggal, there are various types of lightboxes to choose from:

  • Grand format: Often large in size and always impressive in quality, a grand format lightbox adds visual flair to any environment. With the opportunity for customization such as graphic swapping and sizing options that reach up to 15’ x 45’, this lightbox style could be the perfect way to fill that empty space in your store, office or venue. Explore grand format lightboxes here.
  • Fabricated: Consider walking through an art museum with illuminated framing or highly contrasted images. These effects are often produced through fabricated lightboxes, which Duggal has successfully brought to life for many clients. 
  • Ultra-Thin LED: This variation introduces a modernized, sizable option for those looking to implement a lightbox for a variety of purposes. See examples of ultra-thin LED lightboxes by Duggal.

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Lightbox Uses: A Quick Brainstorm

Below are some ideas on how different styles of lightboxes can be implemented in different atmospheres.

  1. Retail
    1. Advertising a new shoe style – You’ve already gotten the perfect model and photo to show off the shoes. Now, it’s all about the presentation. Use a grand format lightbox in the window of your store to attract customers to your newest release.
    2. Representing your logo – Use a fabricated lightbox to light up your brand’s logo within your store and etch your name into the minds and hearts of your customers. 
  2. Practical
    1. Lightboxes can be used for common “Entrance” and “Exit” signs, as well as other directional indicators.
    2. You may also need to bring attention to certain areas within your business, such as the bathroom, ticket office, elevators, or fitness center. Lightboxes can help grab this attention quicker and with engaging visuals.
  3. Art
    1. Add subtle illumination to public art displays.
    2. Bring beautiful backlighting to a gallery exhibition.

Our Newest Lightbox Innovation

Duggal has taken lightboxes to a new level by integrating them with animated graphics in LUMIPIXELS™. This new product took home the “Best in Architectural Digest Design” and “Most Innovative Booth” awards at the 2018 Architectural Digest Design show alongside Hunter Douglas.

Considering a lightbox but not sure where to start? Duggal can help. Contact us to speak with one of our visual consultants.