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Project Profile: Alison Harrell

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Project Profile: Alison Harrell

The subliminal work of multimedia artist Alison Harrell uses light as an otherworldly tool to delight the senses. Accompanied by specially composed music, her latest solo exhibition, Silent Partner, at Ward Nasse Gallery, included an ambitious suite of digitally based artwork; a perfect match for the cutting edge production and design capacities at Duggal Visual Solutions.


Over nearly three months, Harrell and Duggal Visual Consultant, Zee Morin, collaborated on the multidimensional art exhibit featuring light, sound and motion. The design and execution of multiple works of art ranging in size from 5”x8” to 40”x60” included Vibrachrome ™ and Metallic Digital C prints, alongside custom light boxes made by Harrell, and an assortment of other formats. Collectively, the work amped up the futuristic feel of Harrell’s figurative and abstract images.


A keen eye for detail ensured that the color and contrast within Harrell’s still photographs matched the artist’s expectations, while processes involving the mounting of delicate dichroic and diffraction gradient film on plexi were expertly handled by Corporate Mounting.



Overall, Harrell’s scientific background and creative instincts worked in consort with Duggal’s team to develop multidimensional imagery and interactive media resulting in a body of work that was both thrilling and evocative in character. The exhibition was truly an imaginative feast for the eyes, as well as a unique creative collaboration for Duggal in the world of fine art.




Photos: All Rights Reserved Alison Harrell