Project Spotlight: World Trade Center Interactive Map


Project Spotlight: World Trade Center Interactive Map

Project Spotlight for an interactive map of the World Trade Center and its memorial we here at Duggal designed, fabricated and installed for Silverstein Properties. The map can be controlled via an iPad and features scale 3D models of the new World Trade Center buildings.

Duggal’s interactive team designed and manufactured the 625 square foot custom map in Duggal’s New York facilities. The size of the map required that it be divided into 25 sections and then reassembled at the installation site. The main elements of the map included the support structure, lighting elements, electronic components and the printed surface panels.

Once the elements were fabricated the ten-person team installed it on site in three days.  The perimeter support structure and lighting chassis panels were laid down first. The finish wiring connected each of the panels into one larger 25′ x 25′ unit. It was important to make sure the entire foundation structure was level before the top panels were placed. Internal support for the top surface panels was then placed and leveled.

Check out photos below and CLICK HERE to learn more and watch a video on the production!