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Akira Seo

Fascinated with art from a young age, Akira Seo left a broadcasting career in Japan to study at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California, where he immersed himself in surf culture while honing his craft.

Onishi Project’s fish out of water is a collection of the soft-spoken photographer’s black-and-white portraits of Ventura, Calif. surfers embracing their identity. An avid surfer, Seo spent every day on the water with his subjects. That human connection translates to his striking images, which collectively capture a global subculture and way of life. For their resounding effect, the images are unconventional in their composition. While most photos of surfers tend to be action shots of them paddling out or gliding down the crest of a wave, fish out of water defines them on land in carefully constructed poses.

Now living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Seo applies his knack for composing dramatic portraits to the art of wedding photography. He continues to travel the world, both to surf and to shoot, and is now heading to France after wrapping up at NYC’s Onishi Gallery.

Duggal Visual Solutions is always delighted to work with passionate and gifted photographers like Akira Seo, and congratulates him on his first solo exhibition in NYC. Duggal associate Hope Savvides consulted with Seo and coordinated production of stunning HD C-Prints for fish out of water. The images, along with Seo’s refreshing humility, inspired several Duggal team members to stop by the exhibition and hang out with the photographer for a bit.

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