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Joe Standart and Downtown New Haven

Photographer Joe Standart’s WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants once again uplifts and inspires—this time with portraits of immigrants in New Haven, Conn. and beyond, presented in steel frames on the landmark New Haven Green and murals on the sides of surrounding churches and buildings.

A follow-up to Standart’s acclaimed 2016 exhibition of the same name in nearby New London, Conn., the installation celebrates the rich diversity and immense contributions immigrants of the past and present have made in our society, with New Haven serving as a microcosm. QR codes on the standing images link to audio and visual stories of each subject, while the exhibition as a whole coincides with the 380th anniversary of the founding of New Haven, a city shaped by immigrants.

Having worked with Duggal Visual Solutions for decades, Standart turned to his trusted Duggal consultant, Marina Stark to help bring his latest exhibition to life. Duggal produced all of the prints and banners for the New Haven installation, from the large Dibond and Vibrachrome pieces displayed on the Green to a 68-foot-tall mural seen on the historic Pirelli Building and a mesh banner hung inside New Haven City Hall.

See photos below, and learn more about our longtime client, colleague and friend Joe Standart’s ongoing Portrait of America™ project at

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