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Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Event Venue

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Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Event Venue

Hosting an event takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and planning. But remember that the countless details and logistics all boil down to your venue. How will guests get there, and how will you ensure they enjoy themselves? Here are a few simple ways to align your event with the venue you have chosen.

Arrange Transportation

Even if your venue is easily accessible by car or public transit, private transportation can be a nice touch. It shows that you care about the ease and safety of your guests, and also affords you an opportunity to create a brand experience even before the main event. At the Duggal Greenhouse, for example, guests can arrive by private ferry or yacht and dock steps from the Brooklyn venue’s waterfront patio.


Envision the Atmosphere

Don’t think of event design as simply “filling space.” Instead, approach it as a feeling that you want to evoke. Then, reverse engineer the visual displays that will help to create that feeling. One of the advantages in choosing the Duggal Greenhouse for hosting your event in Brooklyn is that you have access to printing, graphics and consulting through the Greenhouse’s parent company, Duggal Visual Solutions. Imagine the possibilities.

Provide Clear Signage

Help your guests navigate a large venue with signs for the buffet, restrooms, exits, and any other need-to-knows. Before you take out that printer paper and Sharpie, may we suggest getting the signs designed nicely and printed professionally on a display board such as Gatorboard or Sintra? Printing standard signage at Duggal is fast, easy, and cost-effective—not to mention, a good look for your brand.

Win the First Impression

At the Duggal Greenhouse, you can go BIG and impress guests even before they walk into the 35,000-square-foot venue. Many clients choose to brand the exterior of the Greenhouse as if it were a billboard. This could very well be the largest billboard space in New York City! See an example printed and designed by Duggal for AOL.

Looking for a Brooklyn venue and interested in seeing the Duggal Greenhouse? Contact us to schedule a personal tour.