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Record Turnaround for Paul Nicklen’s SoHo Gallery Opening on Earth Day

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Record Turnaround for Paul Nicklen’s SoHo Gallery Opening on Earth Day

Award-winning National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is on a mission to help preserve Earth, one image at a time. Through both professional and personal projects, he has documented our planet’s polar regions and oceans for more than 20 years.

Paul Nicklen Penguins

Raised among the Inuit people of the Canadian Artic and trained as a marine biologist, Nicklen has turned his lifelong love of nature into visual activism. To strengthen his cause, he launched The Paul Nicklen Gallery in SoHo, NYC on Earth Day 2017 with the help of Duggal Visual Solutions.

Paul Nicklen Bear

Nicklen and his team turned to Duggal’s Hillary Altman, Jonathan Springer and Ken Bledsoe to prepare 18 images for opening night in record time. Three 90×60”, four 60×40”, three 64×36” and eight 30×20” glossy c-prints were refined to perfection by Duggal and approved by Nicklen, with all hands on deck for the final mounting of the images.

Paul Nicklen Polar Bear

The mounting team at Duggal’s 23rd street location completed 18 clear ¼” Plexiglass frames with aluminum backing and braces within 24 hours. Each piece was then professionally packed and delivered to the new gallery space by mid-afternoon on the day of Nicklen’s soft opening. It was a true team effort supporting artwork with a real-life impact.

Paul Nicklen Polar Bears

Nicklen’s gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the work of conservationist photographers from around the world. It also functions as a complement to Sea Legacy, an organization he co-founded dedicated to educating the public about what’s really happening in our world’s oceans, and changing it for the better.


Paul Nicklen Gallery

347 West Broadway

NY NY 10013