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‘Reflections from Above’ Mirror New York City Streets

Curators’ Corner

‘Reflections from Above’ Mirror New York City Streets


The Big Apple is universally known for its towering skyscrapers, breathtaking cityscape and beautiful architecture, making it the #1 photographed city in the world.

In ‘Reflections from Above,’ photographer Donna Dotan captured the streets of New York from a bird’s eye view at the top of many of the city’s glass skyscrapers.

Using the buildings themselves to reflect the images below, the lights and streets of the city are reproduced magnificently, creating mirror images of the bustling metropolis on the other half of the photographs.

Dotan told Mashable that the symmetry created by the reflections makes the photographs more abstract.

“I just think symmetry is beautiful … It makes the images almost abstract. If you were just looking down from a tall glass building, you’d see an incredible view of the city streets,” she said.

‘Reflections from Above’ is an ongoing project, as Dotan is always looking for new places around New York to create more reflective optical illusions.

She thinks her photograph of Columbus Circle on 59th street resembles a human face when flipped upside down. Scroll down, be the judge and enjoy a selection of her other reflections.

Columbus Circle, 59th St