Sabeena Jindal Art: Honoring Craftsmanship and the Details of Life

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Sabeena Jindal Art: Honoring Craftsmanship and the Details of Life

Mixed media work layered with vibrant textures in juicy colors featuring numerous pop culture icons can be found in the artwork of Sabeena Jindal. Influences from memories of summers in India at her grandparents’ ancestral home in a rural Indian village and the patchwork of sensory details she encountered as a child are still with her today – the throngs of people and animals, the vibrant colors, rich textures both ancient and modern all intertwining together to create the inexplicable “serene chaos of life.” Collectively and individually, they awaken her imagination as to the stories behind every scratch, every splatter, every drip, every crack, every torn piece of paper. Her goal is to visually stimulate the viewer inviting them to notice a new detail each time they see her art – evoking a memory, excitement and emotion attached to each element, form, color and stroke.

Returning to her ongoing point person, Duggal Sales Rep, Marinal Chopra, Jindal once again entrusted the printing, installation and de-installation of her work to the team at Duggal. With medium and large format works ranging in size from 30” x 45” to 72” x 44”, accurate color printing, flawless gallery mounting and precise installation were key components in Jindal’s successful exhibition.

The materials chosen by the artist, Chromogenic Metallic C-Prints behind Gallery Acrylic, resulted in finished products that heighten the experience of detail and color in Jindal’s images. Growing up in a rural American town, Jindal was always made aware of how different she was and thus chooses iconic subjects that unite us from Wonder Woman, artist Jean Michel Basquiat, and moviestar Marilyn Monroe to an image of a Buddha overlaid on a graffitied wall; all unified by Jindal’s signature layered mixed media techniques.

In many ways the artist and the Duggal team, brilliantly honored and executed Mr. Baldev Duggal’s vision, the late Duggal founder, on this project – Always Amazing Craftsmanship at Duggal!