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Duggal Packaging Comp Division partners with Corporate Marketers, Packaging Designers and Ad Agency professionals to create innovative, eye catching and cost effective short run comps. Our division is unique in offering certified color managed digital print technology run by proprietary software. Duggal now offers expert, experienced consultation and project management to all facets of the consumer packaging goods industry. Always ahead of the pack, Duggal 3D printing service offers the latest in stunningly realistic small models, prototypes and parts facsimiles.

Duggal Packaging Specifications (Download)

3D Printing & Models

Always well versed in the latest technology, Duggal utilizes 3D printing to create stunningly realistic prototypes, models and mockups for all creative applications.

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TV Color Correct

As important as the talent in a TV commercial, TV Color Correct Packaging or “Hero” Comps are the face of products in the spot. Our clients depend on Duggal TV color correct packaging to present a winning, flawless beauty package that will sell on air. With over 20 years of experience Duggal is able to…

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Card Comps

Introducing a specialty in short run retail, gift and prototype design cards digitally printed for the world’s top issuers. Duggal is able to print your 2 sided design on foil with white and UV embossing techniques that can simulate chips, mag stripes and more. We have partnered with top co-branding financial and retail institutions to…

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Prototype Packaging

Designers and their clients like to see alternates and versions as part of the creative process. We can help. Duggal has been adept at giving creative packaging designers a concrete look at what is the best possible comp. Our proven ability to simulate degrees of custom spot varnish, print UV embossing, offer the widest array…

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The pressure sensitive, adhesive backed label is ubiquitous in packaging and Duggal offers the widest variety of label substrates, including foil and clear. Need a custom shape? No Problem. We are able to supply your label ganged up and kiss cut or applied to your supplied product.

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