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Prototype Packaging

Designers and their clients like to see alternates and versions as part of the creative process. We can help. Duggal has been adept at giving creative packaging designers a concrete look at what is the best possible comp. Our proven ability to simulate degrees of custom spot varnish, print UV embossing, offer the widest array of stock choices and die-cut & assemble comps in line is unmatched in the industry. Duggal Packaging Comps is able to supply GRACOL certified prints and is color managed to the highest industry standard.

Sawyer Design

The designers at SAWYER DESIGN VISION were at a loss to produce the comps for ILLY GIFT BOXES until they were referred to DUGGAL PACKAGING DIVISION.  Their current comp house was unable to produce the needed spot varnish on client’s stock that was required,  nor could they meet the production schedule on budget.  The comp boxes DUGGAL PACKAGING produced featured a special color match red for ILLY along with a complex custom die cut.  The project was delivered on time and perfect.



Phase 4 Creative Case Study

In order to arrive at this package, our design partner tested 9 alternate versions of white, embossing and varnish… on one sheet. The comp features a vibrant foil color effect resulting from opaque and transparent greens and blues with spot varnish tints of white.

Starbucks Pitch

When Duggal innovates, we share our best with clients… These packages were designed to show off new capabilities and trends in consumer packaged goods. Featuring high embossed foil logo, Matt & Gloss patterning and an organic graphic that appears metallic and alive.

Mon. 02/24/20

How Universities and Athletic Programs Are Upping Their Game with Graphics

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Mon. 02/24/20

Bulgari Debuts B.zero1 Collection at Duggal Greenhouse ‘Brooklyn Warehouse Party’

The excitement was palpable as Duggal Visual Solutions’ installation team worked around the clock preparing the Duggal Greenhouse for its latest New York Fashion Week (NYFW) showcase. By the time the 1,000-plus guests arrived, the […]

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Mon. 02/24/20

2020: Big Hopes, Big Picture

Duggal Visual Solutions’ pride and passion extend much further than the printing services we provide, with the Duggal Big Picture Foundation supporting countless communities, causes and advancements near and far. From fundraising to awareness to […]

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Mon. 02/24/20

Shop Duggal Produces Art Apple NYC Presents: New York City Hip Hop | The Photo Tribute

“Every New Yorker speaks the language of Hip Hop,” says Madeleine Budd, marketing lead at B&H and co-curator of New York City Hip Hop | The Photo Tribute, a pop-up exhibition presented at Art Apple […]

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