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It’s difficult to surprise professionals in our industry. But the graphics, fixtures, and materials produced by the Duggal Innovation Lab is staggering. The work is a breathtaking fusion of art and design.

Utilized correctly, each skill offered by Duggal Innovation Labs is effective on its own. But when properly planned and incorporated as part of a visually engaging retail environment the visual outcomes are exponential. A physical space is transformed. It no longer simply facilitates, informs, and directs retail transaction, but becomes a driver for customer engagement.

Duggal Innovation Labs’ solutions are opportunities for creating brand engagement in brick and mortar shopping destinations. We create visual experiences in which emotion supersedes the short-term transaction. We make it possible for consumers to feel better about their purchases and the brand, by being entranced by an environment that holds surprises and delights they cannot anticipate.

Duggal’s Innovation Lab is proud to announce Lumipixels™

Create An Atmosphere Of Pure Distinction

The next generation of visual displays, combining graphic images and animated light to elevate the visual experience. Perfect for retail, exhibition, and hospitality applications.

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David Yurman personifies the art of jewelry making, from the celebrated Cable bracelet to the signature Albion collection. For 35 years, Yurman and his wife, Sybil have created their own aesthetic equilibrium of form, color, light and shape.

Yurman’s vision stands front and center in Saks Fifth Avenue, where a custom-fabricated display showcases his finest work against a backdrop illustrating his creative process through overlaid video of sketches and silhouettes. Since 2007, Duggal collaborated with retail and in-store designers to create a 10′ tall installation bridging Yurman’s artistry with subtle digital imagery, a formula that is being received tremendously well. The David Yurman ‘WOW Wall’ houses clear-screen technology and an elegant oiled walnut trim within a black monolith, exemplifying the brand’s mastery in a museum-esque presentation.


Duggal was asked to actualize the client’s concept for a sleek digital display that would show a live twitter feed of the images coming from the Media Mirror app backstage at Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show. This piece was essential in the client’s social media campaign allowing for a popular attraction that was spread over various social media channels and then re-shared by the fans.


In just about any metric, Amazon is by far and away the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, employing more than 154,000 employees worldwide, and consistently notching between 20 and 40 percent year-over-year growth for the past decade.

With growth comes the need to acquire and retain top talent, which the Internet giant also has a legendary reputation for. Company perks and engaging events such as pop-up farmers markets, sports leagues, on-campus concerts and movie premiers with top stars have become corporate energizers. The Amazon culture and growth trajectory extends to Audible, the audiobook and media company Amazon acquired in 2008. Meanwhile, both companies’ roots in technology create an upbeat atmosphere at Audible that draws the best people, and the best out of them.

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