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Digital Signage & Network Management

Effective digital signage is defined by building your brand and customer engagement, not simply installing software and screens. As a global leader and innovator in the creation of stunning imagery and memorable visual experiences, we understand digital signage as a high-impact medium for reaching consumers and influencing their behavior.

Duggal Media Solutions specializes in harnessing the power of technology and digital media to identify and engage audiences for long-term business growth. We see the big picture in building and managing your network around your message.


We interview your team – the people who own the Digital Signage network. We build an image of what success looks like to you, and then we draw the map to get there.

Content Strategy

Get the right message to the right audience at the right time and the results can be astonishing. But how? We help build a sustainable and effective content strategy that fits your budget, your needs, and your team’s capabilities and strengths.

Content Creation

Digital Signage is a unique medium. We will help you adapt your current graphic and media assets into a dynamic presentation that builds on the strengths of digital screens, and we will help you produce new material that supports your goals.


We don’t mean just screens and computers. What if your Signage spoke to your POS system, your lighting, or your customers’ phones? Our experts maintain a library of hardware and software solutions to help you find out.

Network Operations and Management:

Who is keeping an eye on your network every day – making sure content flows, equipment works, or a display is not unplugged after hours to accommodate a vacuum cleaner?We are. And we teach you to do it too.

Logistics, Installation, and Support

We know how to get equipment ordered, shipped, and installed for you. And in the unlikely event that a screen goes dark, we’re here to fix it fast.


ROI is important. You know it. We know it. We help you identify the key data from your network and create reports that prove you’ve invested in a great communication platform that makes business sense too.

The Future

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we like to look forward 12 months, 24 months, even 36 months to help you understand trends – from content to technology – so your platform evolves with you.

Tue. 03/31/20

Capture the Moment 2020 Is Now Open!

Duggal Visual Solutions is pleased to announce their annual Capture the Moment Photo Contest! Photographers and visual artists based in North America are invited to submit their work. This year’s winners will be selected by […]

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Mon. 03/30/20

Brooklyn Distilleries Switch from Spirits to Sanitizers During Coronavirus Pandemic

In a city, state, country and world essentially shut down by COVID-19, we can all use any bit of uplifting news we can find. Small-batch, glass flask, Brooklyn-made hand sanitizer anyone? The Duggal Visual Solutions […]

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Mon. 03/30/20

Coronavirus: Brooklyn Navy Yard Converts to Face Shield Production at Duggal Greenhouse

With New York City hospitals battling one of the most severe coronavirus outbreaks in the world, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is reliving its roots in what NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio described as a “wartime […]

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Mon. 03/30/20

eMLS Scores Big with Custom Trophies

eMLS, MLS’s esports effort, is now in its third season and drawing in record views on Twitch. With three regional championships leading up to the eMLS Cup, the MLS enlisted Duggal to help create one-of-a-kind […]

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