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Duggal designs and fabricates custom lightboxes for indoor and outdoor applications. Our energy-efficient lightboxes transform spaces with dazzling high brightness and color consistent LEDs. Duggal’s UL-listed facility designs and engineers custom illuminated displays, from ultra-thin LED snap frame to massive, grand format fabric lightboxes.

Grand Format

Turn any space into a luminous graphic wall with a custom grand format lightbox engineered by Duggal. Grand format lightboxes come as tall and wide as you may need, even up to 15’x45’ seamless, with easy graphics swaps and special effects lighting controls.

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Fabricated Lightboxes

Duggal’s unique fabrication process achieves gallery-quality illumination at custom sizes, dimensions and specifications. Ultra-sharp Duraclear is mounted to Plexi glass for a frameless appearance with long-lasting LED lighting.

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Ultra Thin LED Lightboxes

Ultra-thin lightboxes are sleek, contemporary and vibrant. Available in a snap frame or freestanding panel, these lightboxes are energy efficient and offer tool-free graphics swaps. Ultra-thin lightboxes come in several sizes: 20”x24”, 24”x36”, 30”x40” and 30”x72”.

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