CGI & Motion

Computer Generated (CG) rendering techniques create photo realistic 3-D imagery that can be viewed in any perspective, in any environment. 3-D imaging yields enormous flexibility in print, animation and many other applications, and delivers a linear path from concept to completion.

At the nexus of technology and legendary craftsmanship comes Duggal’s CGI and Motion department – Bringing unsurpassed quality and an artistic style to computer animation.

1. Technical Drawing

The first phase in building a 3-D wire frame model is the creation of a technical drawing. This establishes the foundation for the basic wire frame form.


2. Wire Frame & Form Shading

After the technical drawing is completed, the modeling process begins. A wire frame of the object is generated, after which a simple layer or “skin” is rendered and wrapped around the form to explore variations of lighting, shading and perspective.


3. Design, Illustration & Details

Artwork, such as labels, created or supplied by the client, can be prepared to place on the 3-D model. All art is rendered in fine detail and high resolution for photo-realistic quality reproduction.


4. Final Rendering

Once the 3-D model is established, the rendering layer is refined to include all details such as color, texture, lighting, etc. Choices of viewing angle and perspective are unlimited.


5. HDR Surface Environments

Digitized images can be converted to High Dynamic Range (HDR) format, and applied to a model. This process creates a surface “environment” for the 3-D model with light refraction and reflective qualities with a higher dynamic range than that which can be captured with a standard camera and single exposure.


6. Practical Application

Use of a single 3-D image file is virtually unlimited. Modifications to perspective, lighting, reflection, etc. are easily made to accommodate most any format, media or creative application.


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