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Duggal West Coast

10300 SW Herman Road
Tualatin, OR 97062

Please visit the Duggal Studios website for more information on Duggal West Coast.


Duggal West is the Portland, Oregon extension of Duggal Visual Solutions. Dedicated primarily to on-model, tabletop, and flat lay commercial product photography, Duggal West is the ideal partner for e-commerce brands in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest, and Asia.


Duggal West specializes in retouching and collaborates with our East Coast team on campaigns requiring a West Coast point of contact. The studio is located just off I-5 about 10 miles south of Downtown Portland.

Fri. 01/22/21

See It to Believe It: These CGI Models Go Far Beyond Product Photography

Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, is becoming a competitive edge in retail. The more accurately and vividly a brand can depict its product(s) online, the more likely that brand is to convert visitors into customers. A […]

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Wed. 01/20/21

How Color Correct Packaging Comps Help Arm & Hammer Nail Its TV Ads

TV color correct packaging comps are a key step in the creative process of developing an ad for television. Also known as “hero” comps, these fully produced prototypes show how a product’s packaging will appear […]

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Mon. 01/18/21

Tracking the Return of Trade Shows and Conferences in 2021

Business conferences and conventions are poised to stage a comeback in 2021, meeting and events professionals say. “The marketplaces and meeting places that we build and operate as an industry will be key for economic […]

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Fri. 01/15/21

Duggal’s 2020 NFL Highlights

The 2020-21 NFL Playoffs are here, marking the successful completion of the NFL season despite the pandemic, and bringing weeks of winter excitement to viewers across the country. As the playoff teams battle for the […]

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