Studio Photography

Duggal offers a full range of digital photography services for visual presentations and digital media. Using cutting edge technology such as our HD Capture Pro System, Duggal’s in-house studio team digitally captures images with detail, clarity and vibrancy far beyond that of conventional digital reproduction systems.

Studio Services

Our high-end capture system provides digitization for a variety of oversized and irregular sized artworks and photographs. We provide our clients with digital files for replication, enlargement and publication of art, as well as digital portfolios and archiving. Duggal’s studio team handles a variety of artwork including blueprints, paintings and fine detailed drawings. Our professional team will take care of your work as if it is their own.


Duggal’s in house studio is capable of replicating artwork down to the brush stroke and is able to exceed the limits of most other camera systems. The H4D 200MS Hasselblad (50 megapixel) camera is capable of replicating artworks, photographs and collage work with intricate detail. Our HD capture system allows for the most detailed of artworks to be reproduced without a single loss of detail up to 500 times its original size.

On Site

For collections that are too large number or delicate in nature to bring to our 23rd street location we have the ability to make our studio mobile, so that we can bring the same quality and care achieved in house conveniently to our clients.

A Quick Look at Duggal’s Capture Solutions

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