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Sony, American Photo and Duggal Visual Solutions Party

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Sony, American Photo and Duggal Visual Solutions Party

Sony, American Photo Magazine and Duggal Visual Solutions partnered to put on the Sony World Photography Awards party after the convention hall shut down for the day on Thursday, October 28 2010.

Sony’s six professional photographers (Artisans of Imagery), Andy Katz, Me Ra Koh, David McLain, Cristina Mittermeier, Brian Smith and Matthew Jordan Smith, submitted their images and videos for the event. Each photographer, with their own style and process, helped create a fantastic and diverse array of experiences.

All photographs were printed and installed in Donna Karen’s studio at 711 Greenwich Street, by Duggal Visual Solutions. Images ranged in sizes from 27” H x 20” W to 72” H x 108” W on matte or metallic digital C paper. In addition we also produced a 10’ x 16’ banner, and multiple large format SAV signs and CAD COT logos for the event.

The installation was expertly lit and had an amazing impact. Surrounding the printed images, six projectors continuously showed changing images from each artisan throughout the evening.

When the doors opened for the event, hundreds of people entered the gallery and were in awe of the spectacular space and imagery. There were approximately 900 attendees at the event, making it a huge success.

In Order Below
1. Brian Smith 2. Matthew Jordan Smith 3.Me Ra Koh 4. David McLain 5.Cristina Mittermeier 6. Andy Katz 7.Image of projections   8. Image of Speaker   9. Another image of projection  10. Banner Sign Design