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Staying ‘Calm Cool Collected’ with Recess

DVS Project

Staying ‘Calm Cool Collected’ with Recess

When Recess, the CBD sparkling water brand, came to us with a 10-day turnaround to produce their pop-up shop, we weren’t stressed. Activated, yes. But not stressed. After all, their brand is all about finding balance, clarity and poise.

Duggal Visual Solutions’ Ryan Shorr helped bring Recess’ booth design from “Vision to Visuals” in a little over a week flat, turning a rendering into a custom-built space complete with furniture, accent pieces, lighting and displays.

Unorthodox materials such as rebond foam and faux neon enabled us to achieve the exact look that Recess had imagined, while an LED poster showcased the brand’s beverages in a new and intriguing light. The poster case is a custom-fabricated piece covering the back of the monitor, allowing the case to be wrapped in graphics.

We would relax in this chic-modern oasis any day.