“Thaw” – A new Photo Exhibition by Beth Achenbach

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“Thaw” – A new Photo Exhibition by Beth Achenbach

This September, Beth Achenbach is unveiling her new Photography series, “ Thaw,” in Jersey City’s restaurant-gallery LITM. “Thaw” takes an interesting look at objects and environments encapsulated in ice.

Achenbach’s original concept came from the simple act of eating cherries. “I looked down and thought to myself that I should photograph a few of them, because they have the most wonderful shape and color. But I wanted to explore ways that I could take a picture of them that was different, and eventually struck upon the idea of freezing one in water.”

The idea wasn’t as quickly executed as it was imagined, since most of the objects she attempted to freeze floated in water rather than sank, after some trial and error, a method was created, and the artist began to work.

 Thaw BethAchenbach Monoceros photographUSA   Thaw BethAchenbach Biosphere photograph USA

“I took [the cherry] out the next day to photograph in my studio and found that as the ice thawed, the red juices from the cherry ran through the cracks in the ice. I was completely hooked on the image, and knew I wanted to do more!

Fascinated by the uncontrollable nature of thawing ice, and the beautiful nature discovered through cherry juice and cracked ice, Achenbach began experimenting with new subjects, all encased in ice. From toys, to natural objects and even just the ice itself, Achenbach set out to capture their frozen worlds and their individual meltdowns.

“Thaw” is an interesting glimpse into the literal act of photography: taking a moment, an object, a feeling, and freezing it in time.

THAW Photography Exhibit

September 1st — October 3rd

Opening: Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 7pm – 10pm

LITM, 140 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302


FREE admission.  Food & refreshments available for purchase.

For Public Transportation take the PATH to Grove St. Street parking is available.